Marketing Funnel for Businesses

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What is a Marketing Funnel?

Marketing Funnel for Businesses

A marketing funnel is the journey of your customers with your product or service. 


It is a process through which a cold audience becomes your customer.

Let’s talk about the type of audience for all types of businesses:

Cold Audience:

It is a type of audience who hasn’t heard about your brand or business. This audience doesn’t know you & trust you.

Warm Audience:

It is a type of audience who might have heard about your brand or business. This audience might trust & buy your product/service.

Hot Audience:

It is a type of audience that is very familiar with your brand or business. This audience trusts you & buys your product/service. They are also your loyal customers.


The marketing funnel is generally divided as top of the funnel, middle of funnel & bottom of the funnel. Marketers used this concept to build their marketing strategy for businesses.

The goal of the marketing funnel(sales funnel) is to create a journey for the potential customer. And Make your Top of the funnel audience(cold audience) to the middle of the funnel(warm audience) then your customer. 

Different Stages of Marketing Funnel are:




-Loyal Customers



This is the time to get the consumer’s attention. It could be a social media post, informative ads, or blogs & guides. You are letting the world know about your brand & what you have to offer. Don’t try to sell your product or service but provide valuable content & information in your niche.

Let’s see some examples:

If you’re in the real estate niche, provide tips & guide for first-time homebuyers, sellers, home inspection, information & trends about the current market.

If you’re in health niches( fitness & weight loss), give free training tutorials, valuable video content providing tips & guides about healthy diets.

For restaurants, provide food recipes, pro tips from your chefs & staff.

Create content that is valuable to your audience which might solve their problems & doubts in your niche. Don’t look for profit & benefit for yourself rather focus on your audience and how can you grab their attention towards your brand.



When your audience reaches the consideration stage in the funnel, they’re looking at your social media pages, viewing your web pages frequently, researching & comparing with competitors.

This is the time to provide your audience with more incredible content that helps them but doesn’t sell to them yet. Share your high-quality blogs, promotions, giveaways, gift cards & other exciting and rich content. 



At this stage, the consumer is ready to buy, but they still look for your competitors. Now is the time to give your best offer. The offer needs some sort of exciting factor, it may be “10-15% discount”, “free shipping”. The best thing to do is competitors research & provide a better offer to your consumers.


Loyal Customers

The job is not done yet, yes you got your sale but making your one-time customer into a regular customer is our final goal. 

Focus on customer retention and express gratitude for the purchase, invite your customer to reach out with feedback, and make yourself available for support. 

Let the customer feel, they are part of your brand then you’ll get referral sales from your regular customers.

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