Shangrila Chauffeurs

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Shangri-La Chauffeurs is proud to provide a luxury and comfortable experience for customers in Australia and New Zealand. They help business people, tourists, wedding parties, couples, and families reach their destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Since 2013, They’ve gained an impressive reputation for reliability and attention to detail. Their commitment is to always be there when you need them – on time, every time.

Their exceptional drivers are fully licensed and trained to drive our vehicles, with safety as our priority. They are always very well-presented, respectful, and discreet.

We have helped Shangrila with their website development. We build a dynamic website where customers can book a ride. Customers will provide their information & location and based on the vehicle and distance, a price is given to the customer.

Also, we have integrated a login/ Signup feature which makes it easy for users to book rides and for Shangrila to track their customers.

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